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ABOUT myelashCurler: The myelashCurler is a newly created, ergonomic, and intuitive, professional quality eyelash curler with a unique, open design that makes curling eyelashes gentle and seamless ~ no more pinched skin or accidentally pulled or cut lashes.


Unique open design features a smooth, durable silicone insert pad and an ergonomic design for curling eyelashes. Intuitive, open design makes curling eyelashes so seamless you can curl your lashes without using a mirror. Elegant design and smooth feel. Professional quality also enables make-up artists to curl other lashes without worry or risk.


HERSTORY:  As a shopaholic and fan of beauty, Gloria Buono-Daly, inventor of myelashCurler, spent years curling her eyelashes until 2011 ~ her pinched skin and pulled eyelashes finally had enough. She felt that curling eyelashes should be a seamless, gentle experience and out of concern sought alternative eyelash curling methods such as trying spoons, hairpins, clips, tweezers, tongs, whatever, to find a gentler, effective way to curl eyelashes. Her experimentation resulted in her very own hand-made prototype from bending and shaping thin aluminum pieces, pipe-cleaners, straws, etc., ultimately fashioning what would become the first, obstruction-free, open-environment, professional quality, high-end, eyelash curler ~~ "myelashCurler."